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About "My Right To Write"

 ‘My Right to Write’ is the second Poetry Book released after 

‘Paper To Podium’ in November 2020.

This book was also recorded in studio with the voice of the poet, hope you enjoy listening to the audiobook. Below is a video of the poet recording in studio. Her first time in studio and she captured all in one sitting.


“To God be all the glory that I am able to put my personal life 

experiences to poetry and use it as ministry” - Marsha M. Smith

Blessing Number Two

Blessing Number Two

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“I congratulate you on this step you have taken to write a book. May you continue to write many more books. We hope more of the saints do likewise and start creating their own economy. I am very proud of this step that you have taken and I wish you all the best.” 

Pastor Paul Hepburn

“I think this book should also be in schools. ‘My Children Write Too’ - is a part of History. Well done Ms Marsha. Loving it.” 

Yvonne Rolle

“I sat down very tired and while I was trying to settle down I started to flip through. I am so impressed love the way you sectioned the book into church, family, the children etc. Explaining different areas of your life. The graphic design, I’m very impressed by the entire book. Powerful and compact. I’m glad I got one. Can’t wait to read. I didn’t know your children write, what about Kirk? You think he have one in him? God Bless.”

Laverne Evans

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